22 August 2022

GLMR Supports Startup Ecosystem

David Müller-Wiesner

We are proud to announce our continued sponsorship of the UTS Startups Awards in 2022, with a cash prize of $1000 together with an IP audit valued at $1000.

The problems addressed by many startups today are extraordinarily complex and require a broad community of founders, entrepreneurs, mentors, enablers, and supporters to provide the deep pool of expertise, lived experience, fresh approaches to help shape the needed solutions.  UTS Startups is a remarkably open community that significantly reduces the cost-of-entry to giving entrepreneurship a go.

GLMR has from its very inception supported these ecosystems and strives to make IP simple and approachable, whether that results in registered IP or not.  Our sponsorship of the UTS Startup Awards is just one way for us to say ‘thank you’ to the many founders that have trusted our advice.

In the past year we have advised founders pro bono in relation to IP issues during fundraising, considerations for corporate structures, infringement issues, software patentability issues, dealing with founder departures, general IP strategy, and of course assisted with the preparation and filing of patent, design, and trade mark applications.

We look forward to celebrating with you all on 31 August, and continuing to support startups across Australia.  If you are a startup looking to get advice, please get in touch.



David Müller-Wiesner




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GLMR Supports Startup Ecosystem

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We are proud to announce our continued sponsorship of the UTS Startups Awards in 2022, with a cash prize of $1000 together with an IP audit valued at $1000. The...

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