GLMR provides a full range of services in relation to patent, design, and trade mark rights in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, and South East Asia.  

We are a team of experienced IP attorneys that are passionate about providing personalised, value-added services in a range of areas including patent law, trade mark law, and design law.

We provide services to both local and international clients by taking the time to understand their needs and provide advice in practical and cost-effective ways to extract the most value out of their intellectual property rights.


patent law meeting


  • Drafting of patent specifications
  • Preparation and filing of patent applications
  • Prosecution of patent applications
  • Enforcement of granted patents
  • Patentability, validity, and infringement advice
  • Management of patent portfolios
  • Patent searches and watches
  • Patent renewals

Registered Designs

  • Preparation and filing of design applications
  • Prosecution of design applications
  • Enforcement of registered designs
  • Registrability, validity, and infringement advice
  • Management of design portfolios
  • Design searches and watches
  • Design renewals
patent law meeting
patent law meeting

Trade Marks

  • Preparation and filing of trade mark applications
  • Prosecution of trade mark applications
  • Enforcement of registered trade marks
  • Management of trade mark portfolios
  • Trade mark searches and watches
  • Trade mark renewals

Our People

GLMR are experts in obtaining high quality patent, trade mark, and design rights in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. 

The staff of GLMR have been internationally recognised as leading attorneys in Australia for intellectual property law. We ensure that our clients’ work is performed only by the best attorneys in Australia. We advise our clients on the most effective filing and prosecution strategies which provide the best return on investment whilst still providing broad protection. 

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